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Signing J2ME Apps with the Darkman certificate

Signing J2ME Apps with the Darkman certificate

I decided to write this tutorial after some guy in a forum talking to me assuming
his method for getting an app signed were rite(actually he was wrong all the way)
and also assuming I'm a total dumbass.


A signed J2me app is a jar file with a jad file,and in the file jad, there contains the key that tells it has
been signed based on an existing
certificate.For example VeriSign certificate, Thawte certificate and others..

**did u know!We can install a custom made certificate on s40 phone**
**it is called the "user certificate"**

We would however make a j2me app signing software that uses the existing
certificate(VeriSign certificate, Thawte certificate and others) . But to
do that we must know how these certificate were made. Since we dont know
these certificate were made, the Darkman certificate was made so that a
j2me app signing software could be made.


To install the Darkman certificate you must have a connection between
your s40 phone and pc, to be able to transfer the Darkman certificate
to your phone. This can be done using Cable or Bluetooth.
If you already have the cable then install Nokia PC suite onto your
PC...Next install Oxycube or MobiMB(fixed russian version only)..

MobiMB software

The next step is to transfer The Darkman certificate on your phone.
to do this you must use OxyCube or MobiMB(fixed russian version only)

Download the Darkman certificate from this link
File Name :
link :
Description : This archive contains exp.cer and ext_info.sys

First navigate to C:\Hiddenfolder\certificates\user using MobiMB or Oxycube then make a backup
of your ext_info.sys file. In MobiMB press Ctrl-C to Copy and Ctrl-V to paste.

Then copy the files exp.cer and ext_info.sys from the archive to C:\Hiddenfolder\certificates\user using MobiMB or Oxycube

You must view the certificate in settings-security settings-user certificate in your
phone then..
Bam!! Now you have an s40 phone with the Darkman certificate installed.


The j2me app signing software name is BeHappy
(You need to install Java JVM first to run BeHappy)
We install the Jad generator which is BeHappy... This application will
generate the jad for a specific jar file a with key signed with the Darkman certificate.
Download BeHappy from this link

Run BeHappy and drag your j2me jar file onto the BeHappy Window and a popup ballon will say that
it has been signed..

Now copy both the J2me jar file with its jad file into your s40 phone and there you have it!!
A working signed j2me application.. Now you can set your application access to anything including
the "Always allowed option"..

4.0 END
I will be uploading my own links soon...
by funtikar


  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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    1. You're welcome although I have to admit that this article contains many mistake but as for the method of application ,it's still relevant